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Our Mission is to assert God’s truth that relationships are dynamic and require constant sustenance. Motivate couples through events and information that actively engages one’s faith in God’s sovereignty over marriage. Model God’s standard for intimacy, commitment, and righteous living in a marriage.

David and Darie Martin

Since 2002, the two have conducted workshops and social events with the goal of strengthening the quality of relationships.  They are certified marriage coaches with the American Association of Christian Counselors and serve as communications directors for the Christian Coalition for Black Marriage and Family, a nation-wide initiative to provide churches and grass-roots organizations with resources for marriage enrichment.


With another book in the works and a patent pending for a marriage counseling card game, David and Darie are answering God’s call on their lives. At a time when this country is questioning the relevance of God and marriage, they see an urgency now more than ever to promote healthy, biblical, Christian unions and have dedicated their lives to serving Christ in this manner. Together, they have accepted the biblical mandate to, “Go into all the world,” which for them means applying their gifts to package the many teachings about marriage in a way that represents Christ in Culture.


David Martin graduated Rochester Institute of Technology where he studied Professional and Technical Communications. He spent several years as a journalist and magazine editor in Rochester NY before returning to New York City and earning his Master's degree in Information Technology Management from Devry. He is a blogger, presenter, author of two books and a contributor to marriage oriented newsletters and magazines published by organizations with which he is affiliated.





Darie Martin is an LMSW who retired from the Board of Education as a Social Worker in charge of a program for assisting pregnant and parenting teens while they achieve their high school diploma. She has a B.A. in Psychology and an M.A. in Social Work from New York University. She also has a Masters in School Leadership and Administration from Touro College. She has conducted family workshops since 1999.


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