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Our Services

Marriage Coaching


Our marriage coaching is an intense form of mentoring in which we impart encouragement and relationship skills to a “mentoree” couple to help them succeed in specific tasks or overcome challenges in their marriage. We take a purpose-centered approach clarifying the need area and expectations of the mentorees.


  1. Break down good performance into instructional relationship skills

  2. Assess the mentoree couples’ motivation and skill level and adapt to them appropriately

  3. Encourage and strengthen couples to do what is necessary to develop the relationship skills and attitudes that will lead to excellence.


Contact us for an appointment.



In an attempt to spread our message to as many people as possible, we will be speaking in various places throughout the country.  From church events to conferences, we are sharing our story and creating lasting change with many couples.  Maybe we will be in your city next?

Information & Resources

Most marriages fail due to a lack of knowledge.  Our goal is to always add value to your marriage by providing high quality and tangible content in the form of books, webinars, blog post, podcasts and tools that will immediately begin getting you the results you desire.

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